Flora of Ticino: Native Flowers in the Foreground

Discover the unique beauty and diversity of Ticino's native flora, a region rich in endemic species and breathtaking landscapes.

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Mediterranean Flora: A Rainbow of Species

From bright yellow to deep red, Mediterranean flora offers an incredible color palette to beautify any space.

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To promote

Raise public awareness of the uniqueness and importance of the native flora of Ticino and the Mediterranean regions.


Recognize and enhance the aesthetic and ecological potential of native flora and its fundamental role in local ecosystems.


Stimulate the use and cultivation of native flora and encourage sustainable and environmentally friendly gardening practices.

Who I am

My Experience for a Better Environment

My name is Mattia Boggia, I am a botanical gardener and for over 20 years I have been involved in the multiplication and cultivation of plants from the Mediterranean regions of the world.
I was responsible for the Botanical Garden of the Canton of Ticino - Brissago Islands and in the past I carried out work experience at the botanical gardens of Zurich, Geneva and the Mainau Islands...

More than 20 years of experience in the botanical sector

My Project

Repopulate the territory with native flora

Promote, enhance and encourage the use of the native flora of Ticino and the flora of the Mediterranean regions of the world.


My production focuses on native flowers, selected for their ability to thrive in the local climate and for their contribution to regional biodiversity.


My cultivation of plants of the Mediterranean flora is distinguished by the careful selection of species suitable for the climate and soil of our region.


The collection of native seeds from Ticino is a process that allows us to preserve and propagate the genetic richness of the native plants of our region.

My Mission

Share my experience to recreate an important flora

I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate together, in order to help counteract the loss of biodiversity and improve the quality of our territory.

A nursery full of native and Mediterranean species ready to be replicated


Construction work on gardens, flowerbeds and containers with native and Mediterranean plants


I am available for any landscaping consultancy


Organization of on-site courses to discover how to reproduce native flora

The best solution

Discover the importance of restoring native flora

The use of spontaneous indigenous and Mediterranean climate plants, in addition to appropriate cultivation, improve the quality of the landscape, favor small fauna and create well-being for the population.

Aprus Projects

Presentation of the Experimental Flowerbed

Project started in the second half of 2020 and documented until April 2023 in all its development phases – Flora del Ticino


The most frequently asked questions

Some answers to the most frequent questions I am often asked. If you don't find the answer here, don't hesitate to contact me!
Most of these plants do not need to be grown in heavy soils rich in organic matter, on the contrary they prefer loose, poor, draining and gravelly soils as these are their natural habitat.
Many of these are perennial, rustic and long-lasting plants; some are biannual or annual but by creating the ideal conditions at the time of planting they will reseed themselves from year to year. Therefore the native plants of the Ticino flora will only need to be planted once without further investments.
From April to the beginning of November, depending on the species, you will always find interesting blooms in your flowerbeds, flower meadows, borders, etc. During the winter you can leave the grasses and dry inflorescences of some species which will give a special touch to your system.
After planting, the plants must be watered well and deeply so that the roots seek out moisture as deeply as possible. During the first year they will need to be followed in case of dry and droughty weather, afterwards it will no longer be necessary to water your plants; in fact they adapt well to these conditions and given the ongoing climate changes they are the most suitable for your gardens.
Many of our plants are also suitable for growing in pots both on the balcony, on the terrace, in the garden, at the entrance to the house, etc., provided they have sufficient light. We have tailor-made solutions for you also with elegant and colorful ecological vases.
They are resistant plants, they do not require continuous irrigation, promoting water saving, they do not need fertilization and phytosanitary treatments, they favor small fauna and biodiversity, they are local 0 km products produced with seeds from our territory and are a method of control against neophytes and monocultures that impoverish our territory.
After an evaluation, it will be possible to choose the plants that best adapt to the conditions of your soil and to be planted in such a way as to encourage a good establishment of new species that will embellish your flowering meadow. We will also advise you on management methods for abundant and long-lasting flowering.